soc-logo-300x200Last week Google announced all the accepted student proposals for Google Summer Of Code 2013… included mine !!
I will participate in this year’s GSoC with Gentoo Foundation. My proposal was about (aka Gentoo Identity). Gentoo Identity will be an LDAP web interface written using Django, which is a Python web framework. That will allow Gentoo developers _and_ users to configure easily their attributes from Gentoo’s LDAP server. This project is based on a previous GSoC project(codename ‘Okupy’). The web application will be for general usage and not only for LDAP administrators and sysadmins. I am also going to rewrite perl_ldap script  in python and improve it.  Currently perl_ldap  script is the only way to edit attirbutes from Gentoo’s LDAP server.

Some major features are:

  • LDAP Authentication.
  • Editable LDAP attributes via web forms.
  • Information about Gentoo developers (full name, gpg key, location, team) in a list like a address book.
  • Additional information about other accounts based on the ACL.
  • Enable privileged users/groups(recruiters, devrel, infrastructure team) to add new accounts and edit their information based on their ACL.

For more information about Gentoo identity, check my full proposal.

The expected outcome is a fully functional and scalable LDAP web interface, where both users and developers will be able to edit their attributes easily.

Theo Chatzimichos from Gentoo Infrastructure team will be my mentor and my co-mentor will be Gentoo Infrastructure lead, Robin Johnson. Also Gentoo dev, Matthew Summers as  a previous GSoC mentor of Okupy will help us in the Django part. In addition Michał Górny will work in parallel in another GSoC project for Gentoo Identity. His project aims to built a complete OpenID provider on top of it, to provide a common authentication and identity exchange mechanism for all Gentoo sites.

I am going to post weekly reports about the status of the project with more technical details. To come in contact for feedback and questions please send your emails at identity[AT]gentoo[DOT]org.

Happy coding!